You Can Watch Six Minutes of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ in Two Weeks

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The Projector spends a lot of time -- perhaps too much -- thinking about "The Dark Knight Rises." The movie doesn't come out until July, and while part of us wants to see it right now, another part of us enjoys the endless tease about what the movie could be like. We loved the first two installments of the Christopher Nolan reboot, so we have high hopes for this final chapter. And now there's a chance we can see an extended segment of the new movie two Fridays from now. Should we? Or is it better to wait until summer and see the whole thing at once? We can't decide.

Warner Bros. announced that they'll be screening a six-minute prologue from "The Dark Knight Rises" in front of "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" on December 16. Two things, though: (1) This is only in select theaters; and (2) it'll only be at specific IMAX locations. That's not terribly surprising considering that "Dark Knight Rises" was shot in IMAX, which Nolan much prefers to 3D in terms of more-bang-for-your-buck blockbuster filmmaking.

We're assuming by "prologue" they mean the first six minutes of the actual movie. We have to wonder if this intro will set up the fact that the new movie is set eight years after "The Dark Knight," which is about the only concrete plot point we know at this point. In other words, we shouldn't expect this prologue to give away a whole heck of a lot; mostly it's coming our way to get us excited for the movie and to get us excited about the fact that the final film will be in IMAX. But, honestly, if you told us the whole thing was only going to be playing on View-Masters, we'd be there.

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