Watch Robert Pattinson Kiss Taylor Lautner at the MTV Movie Awards

Erin Carlson, The Famous
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The big winners. Kevin Winter/Getty Images
The big winners. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Got your attention, eh?

Almost too predictably, the
bloodsucking blockbuster "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" cleaned up at the MTV
Movie Awards on Sunday night. And, you guessed correctly, Kristen
Stewart and Robert Pattinson won the popcorn trophy for Best Kiss. Known
to Twihards as K-Stew and R-Patz, the rumored real-life couple had stiff
competition in the category: the passionate smooch between Kristen
Stewart and Taylor Lautner, the movie's buff werewolf. Poor Lautner,
always second banana to Pattinson, lost again to the
gangly British heartthrob.

Pattinson decided to do something about
that. Egged on by Stewart, who told him to "go get 'em, honey," the
actor sprinted off the stage and into the audience to plant a kiss on
Lautner. Or at least he did a good job of faking it. Who could have
predicted THAT? Cue thunderous applause, as well as giggles of
excitement from Teams Edward and Jacob.

Behold, the buzziest moment from the 2011 MTV Movie Awards:

the third installment of the megahit "Twilight" franchise dominated
Sunday's ceremony with wins for "Best Movie," "Best Male Performance"
(R-Patz, duh), "Best Female Performance" (K-Stew, yawn) and "Best Fight"
(R-Patz vs. Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays evil vamp Victoria).

Pattinson is notorious for his social awkwardness during public
appearances, and this was likely his worst nightmare since he was
onstage a good chunk of the time. While presenting Reese Witherspoon
with an MTV Generation Award, the actor dropped the F-bomb; for some
reason, the network couldn't cover it up with a well-timed bleep before it made it to air (at least for the live, East Coast showing). But let's
be real: it's nothing Twihards haven't heard before.