Wanna Be in the Same Room as Frankenstein?

Adam Pockross
Yahoo Movies

"You want to know what it's like being in a room with a Frankenstein creature? Go see 'I, Frankenstein' in IMAX."

So says "I, Frankenstein" writer-director Stuart Beattie in our exclusive clip above, introduced by the best looking Frankenstein you've ever seen: Aaron Eckhart. The clip makes an awfully good case for not just seeing the film, but experiencing it in IMAX.

You probably know the classic story of Frankenstein, as presented by writer Mary Shelley. But "I, Frankenstein" is not that classic tale. While the film certainly gleans some of Frankenstein's character traits, this is a completely different story.

"It’s a contemporary story about the monster, Frankenstein, the unwanted so-called abortion, the aberration, the unworthy son created and thrown out of the house. And he has to go find his soul, find his purpose in life, and he does that in a fantastical world with gargoyles and demons. And these demons are against him and the gargoyles are sort of for him in a way," Eckhart told us over the phone last year.

"I, Frankenstein" opens wide today.

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Watch Aaron Eckhart in the trailer for "I, Frankenstein":