Wait … Is Johnny Depp in ‘Jack and Jill?’

Will Leitch
The Projector

Like the rest of you -- we hope, anyway -- we have been holding our ears and closing our eyes and chanting "lalalalalalaalalalalaaaa!" over and over until Adam Sandler's "Jack and Jill" gets into theaters, gets out and allows everyone to get on with the rest of their lives. Of all the Happy Madison projects starring Sandler, this one feels particularly excruciating, so much so that, for an end-of-day post, we decided to just scroll through the film's IMDB page and start listing actors/entertainers we respect who are in the film and therefore we are now mad at. We put our list together -- we even ranked them in order of disappointment -- when the strangest name popped up. Wait ... is Johnny Depp in this? What?

Wait, seriously? He is? He has a surprise cameo? Apparently back in January, he was spotted on the film's set, and, in February, director Dennis Dugan confirmed it. Then? Nothing since then, no word, no leak, nothing. But he's still there on IMDB, in the "official credits" portion, as "himself." Is this true? Is he really in the movie? It's screening for critics tomorrow. If Depp's in it, it's going to be that much more difficult to hold our ears and close our eyes chant. This is totally not what we had in mind for Depp. This just feels wrong.

Fingers crossed it's just a mistake. By the way, here's the list we came up with, the one we were working on until we came across Depp's name: Norm McDonald, John McEnroe, Al Pacino, Robert Smigel, Regis Philbin, Tim Meadows, Shaquille O'Neal, Adam Sandler. (The ones who made the "yeah, you should probably just go ahead and be in 'Jack and Jill,' that sounds like where you're at in your career'" list were Katie Holmes, Drew Carey, Christie Brinkley, Dana Carvey, Dan Patrick, Nick Swardson, David Spade, Jared Fogel, Bruce Jenner and Allen Covert.)

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