Get Your Video Crash Course On ‘Hunger Games’ Districts

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'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Trailer
Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Just ahead of the release of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" you can "tour" all 12 districts of Panem.

You see, some clever staffers at Shutterstock assembled visuals from their stockpile of more than "30 million stock photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos" to make one mash-up video per each "Hunger Games" district.

Some districts are glamorous, like this one that's reminiscent of the party island of Ibiza:

Others aren't so glamorous. (Sorry Katniss! But you knew this.):

Another district is super crafty and creative:

The added touch of that memorable, disembodied voice who announces the games finishes the fun, glimmery representations of the segmented world Suzanne Collins created in her wildly popular book series.

And, oh yeah: Each video is pretty spot on when it comes to staying true to the novel series description of each distinct district.

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