'Veronica Mars' Infographic: Catch Up on Her History and Mysteries

Matt McDaniel
Yahoo MoviesMarch 12, 2014


A long time ago, you and "Veronica Mars" used to be friends. You watched every episode of the teenage private eye series from when it debuted in 2004 to it's untimely cancellation three seasons later. Or maybe you caught up with it after-the-fact on DVD or Netflix. Or maybe you just heard about the record-breaking Kickstarter campaign last year that raised $5.7 million from the legion of devoted fans.

However you know the spunky sleuth played so memorably by Kristen Bell, you could probably still use a refresher course on her early adventures before she makes her movie debut this Friday. Take a look at this infographic covering the long history and many mysteries of "Veronica Mars."

"Veronica Mars" will be in theaters and available on digital HD on March 14.