Valentine's POPsessions: Drake Bell Likes It Old School

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Drake is the better half of TV's "Drake & Josh," the star of "Superhero Movie," and a rocking musician to boot. He also has a penchant for voice work, having brought none other than Peter Parker/Spider-Man to life in "Ultimate Spider-Man" and other animated Marvel shows.

In his latest animated film, "The Little Penguin: Pororo's Racing Adventure," Bell provides the voice of White Tiger, a suave sled racer who's bent on destroying titular little penguin Pororo's racing dreams. In honor of the film's DVD release, we spoke with Bell over the phone and asked him about his pop culture obsessions — Valentine's themed, of course:

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1. What is your favorite movie to watch on a lonely Valentine’s Day?
I definitely wouldn’t want it to be a romantic movie, because that would just be a sadder day. Probably, you know what, how about “The Break-Up”? That’d be a good movie to watch on Valentine’s Day. A lonely Valentine’s Day. To remind yourself that it’s okay to be single.

2. Who was your first big screen crush?
This is gonna be really weird, because no one’s gonna know who it is. I guess like, the first woman on TV or anything where I thought “Oh my gosh, she’s like flawless, is Donna Reed. I just thought she was like, did Walt Disney draw her? ‘Cause she’s like Cinderella.

All my crushes have been old school. I was being interviewed on “The View” one time and they’re like, “Who’s your Hollywood crush?” and I was like “Mary Pickford, Bebe Daniels.” I grew up on silent movies and old classics so those are the stars that I’m drawn too.

I guess Kate Beckinsale is like, #1 for me, who’s out right now.

3. What’s the most romantic moment in movie history?
On the beach, “From Here To Eternity.”

4. If someone did that "Say Anything" boom box thing outside your window, would you be into it, or call the police?
I’d be totally into it and I’d be more into the fact that they understand the reference to “Say Anything.”

5. Would you date a vampire if he/she was like, an insane super babe and totally into you?
Yeah, I’d be afraid of becoming a vampire, but I guess if I become a vampire, then I could live forever. Yeah, I’d date one.

6. What romantic role from history would you like to play?
I’d be like to be in a classic Rudolph Valentino movie. I’d wanna be Rudolph Valentino.

7. Ross and Rachel: yay or nay?
Totally yay.

8. Carrie and Big: yay or nay?

9. What’s the best breakup song?
Probably Cee-Lo’s “F--- You”!

10. Who is your favorite fairytale princess?
Pocahontas and Snow White. I’d have to have them both… I want them all.

11. What was the first book you read that made you swoon?
“50 Shades of Grey.” [Laughs]

12. What love song makes you cry?
“Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney

13. Flowers or chocolate?
Flowers. Chocolates go away. Flowers stay around for a while, make your house smell good.

14. Do you watch, hate/watch, or not watch “The Bachelor”?
I do not watch “The Bachelor.”

15. What is the best movie to make out to?
Any movie. Isn’t that what movies are for?

16. What new phrase would you write on a candy heart?
I can only think of dirty ones…

See Drake Bell in the trailer for "The Little Penguin: Pororo's Racing Adventure":