The Internet's 6 Best Jennifer Lawrence Globes Lookalikes

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By Marisa Okano

Best Supporting Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence ("American Hustle") turned heads in a polarizing look at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards. Her unconventional Dior dress raised eyebrows thanks to multiple black bandages that created the gown's tiers of white tulle. 

Shortly afterward, oohs, ahhs, and a whole lot of comparisons ensued.

And then came the Internet's amazing re-enactments.

Check out these hilarious parodies of one of the Globes' most talked-about looks.

6. The Comfort Gown

TV personality Ryan Brockington tweeted a fierce shot of a female friend strutting her stuff in what he now calls "Comforter Chic." Look how easy this is — feel free to play along at home. 

5. This Guy.

Twitter user @ItsDanielCS delivers his best impression of the "American Hustle" star in his own crisp rendition of the gown. "Had an amazing time at the 2014 #GoldenGlobes tonight!!!!" he said. Looks like it.

4. A Puggle

Twitter user @elspethjane shared an adorable snap of a friend's puggle absolutely killing it in a tiny replica of Lawrence's gown. By the confident way this pup's basking in the limelight, we'd say J.Law has got a canine run for her money.

3. Colton Haynes

This Instagram selfie from actor Colton Haynes was one of the first photos to inspire a long line of J.Law impersonators across the Web. Haynes seems to have the starlet's hilarious red carpet growl and quirky eye for style down pat.

2. Ariel of "The Little Mermaid"

It's a Disney comparison that can't be unseen: According to the Internet, J.Law's Golden Globes getup is the spitting image of Ariel's famous rope dress. Add crimson locks and a crustacean sidekick and Lawrence could likely pass for the undersea princess.

1. This Cat.

What makes a buzzy Globes gown even buzzier? Shrinking it down and dressing a cat in it, of course! Twitterer @guiimooreas duplicated the garment for his kitty with what appears to be a towel and some black household string.