Tyler Perry Is a Totally Believable Action Hero

The ProjectorAugust 31, 2011

Tyler Perry is one of those people whose outlook and influence on the world is generally positive enough that polite people who want the world to have generally positive outlooks and influences do their best to ignore that, as a writer, he's hacky, obvious and dramatically overstimulated. We do that because we want the world to be happy. But man, oh man: Those movies. Oy.

However: If you're asking us to ignore Tyler Perry, Action Hero -- as he is in the upcoming Alex Cross reboot, "I, Alex Cross" -- man, you're asking a lot. So above is a video of Tyler Perry running.

The movie co-stars Matthew Fox -- who just got arrested on set -- and features Tyler Perry carrying a gun and diving and bumping into waiters and opening doors and also running. At least he didn't write that scene.

Tyler Perry Swings Into Action Mode in 'I, Alex Cross' [The Hollywood Reporter]