‘Twilight’ cast and creators hint at possible spinoffs

Meriah Doty
Movie TalkNovember 9, 2012

It's the big question on every "Twilight" megafan's mind as the series comes to a supposed close next week with the release of the final film: Will "Twilight" live on?

Rumors of a movie and even television spinoff are running rampant. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg fueled the flames, posting a poll earlier this month on her Facebook page asking fans what type of spinoff they would most be interested in.

Yahoo! Movies wanted to get to the bottom of the issue when we sat down with the cast and creators of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2."

While no one definitively gave a yes or no answer, they all seemed to be in agreement that the series will likely live on in some capacity. Some dropped hints -- or perhaps wishful thinking -- on which direction the series could go. Here is what they said:

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Robert Pattinson (Edward) on who would play Bella and Edward in a possible remake: "I don't know. I don't want to curse myself. I'm sure in, like, two years we'll find out!" Pattinson also hinted at a spinoff just weeks ago, saying, "I keep hearing things — from the studio as well." (And he joked Friday on Ellen there should be a "Twilight"-"Avengers" mash-up sequel or a remaking of the vampire series following the plot of former TV show "Will and Grace.")

Kristen Stewart (Bella) on the possibility of a remake: "Mackenzie (Foy) could really do Bella some justice I think." (Foy plays Renesmee, Edward and Bella's daughter.)

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Kellan Lutz (Emmett): "Maybe there'll be a remake 10 years from now. I'll be Dr. Carlisle -- It'll be great... maybe Mackenzie (Foy) could play Bella." Lutz also recently expressed he'd love to see his character Emmett spun out into its own story, saying, " 'I would love to show Emmett's back story, a lot of the other characters [in 'Twilight'] were able to do that. I love my character, we all would love to do it."

Bill Condon (director): Condon discussed with Yahoo! Movies how he designed the ending in such a way that it's left open for the possibility of more to come. Perhaps he was instructed by the studio (Summit Entertainment) to do so, seeing as the franchise has brought in more than $2 billion.

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Stephenie Meyer (book series writer/producer) on continuing the series: "Our actors are aging, you know. They're growing up. In a couple years they're not going to look the same. It does kind of feel like, at least for this crew (of actors), that we couldn't do this again. And that's kind of hard to think about going forward. You couldn't do it with the same crew and that would be worth doing without them?"

Meyer on the possibility of a spinoff: "People keep asking like I know something about this. This is not a conversation that I've ever had with anyone besides people asking me if it's happening. Personally, I think a nice pause would be a good idea. And then if they wanted to revisit it again in the future, it'd be a conversation... I'm always open to a conversation, but right now I feel like we've come to a nice resting point."

It's interesting that Foy, who plays Reneesmee, was brought up multiple times. It could be a sign of a cast that supports their youngest member, or maybe it's a signal of things to come.

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