TwiJacked! Twihards take over yet another movie poll

Adam Pockross
Movie Talk

Okay Twihards, it’s time to revel in one more poll stomping, because “Twilight” dominated every category it was up for in our Ultimate Valentine’s Day Movie Poll.

While it probably shouldn’t surprise us that Twihards turned out en masse, the fact that the beloved vampire romance stomped seriously worthy competition makes us wonder if perhaps our polling sample is a bit skewed.

Obviously “Twilight” is one of the most loved romances of all time, but is Bella and Edward’s wedding hands-down THE most romantic scene ever? It’s a wedding -- a lovely wedding, for sure, but we’ve all seen weddings before. Even if it’s the most romantic wedding ever captured on film, with John Cusack blaring “In Your Eyes” and Richard Gere bounding up a fire escape also competing for votes, we definitely expected this race to be much closer.

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Is Bella and Edward’s first kiss unequivocally THE best kiss ever? It’s sweet, absolutely. And it sets the stage for much romance to come. But it’s a kiss in an average teenager’s bedroom that ends before it even gets going. And there’s no rain! We definitely expected the best kiss to involve rain, or at least some sort of water effect. But “The Notebook” wasn’t even in the running, and “From Here to Eternity” barely registered above obscurity.

Of course, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have scorching chemistry. That’s why we included them in the question. But do they really have that much more scorching chemistry than the rest of our highly qualified contenders? We’re talking the steamiest of the steamy romances of film history, but no other couple was even close.

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We’re not saying “Twilight” doesn’t deserve the accolades. But these categories should have been tight races, like most of the other poll questions were. Alas, Twihards assembled with the strength of an ancient vampire, as they did in our Ultimate 2012 Movies Poll.

We definitely respect such focused passion. But how can our polls be valid pop culture quantifiers if they continually get Twijacked? Can we legitimately separate all “Twilight” answer choices from the rest of the films in the world? That’s not really fair, but it would certainly make for better races.

Just look at the race for the couple with the least scorching chemistry. Wow! Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp barely nosed out Woody Allen & every actress he ever wrote in as his love interest. “The Wedding Singer” just eked out a victory for best rom-com for dudes. And “Bridget Jones Diary” came out of nowhere to upset decidedly sexier fare to become the best movie to get you in the mood.

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But while all this Twijacking talk is probably valid, it’s also worth noting that Twihards had nothing to do with “Pretty Woman” lapping the field for best rom-com, no other Nicholas Sparks movie could hold a candle-lit dinner to “The Notebook,” and Johnny Depp saved bleached face when “Edward Scissorhands” easily clipped the competition for oddest romantic pairing.

So maybe the cream really does separate from the crop in these polls. Or maybe Twihards are just better mobilized than the rest of the online movie-poll voting world.

Watch a behind the scenes clip of Bella & Edwards wedding...