Tweetable ‘Iron Man 3′ Premiere Quotes

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'Iron Man 3' premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday night
'Iron Man 3' premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday night

While someone made sure Robert Downey Jr. was standing on the proper mark to become the victim of a massive confetti dump, we were jotting down what he and others had to say on the "Iron Man 3" red carpet in Hollywood on Wednesday night.

Here our the top eight tweetable quotes from the premiere:

“We were wondering if maybe we went a little too far.” — Guy Pearce on his 'Iron Man 3' costume and makeup Tweet this

“You can't tell that this isn't all my own? It's baby yak fur.” — Joss Whedon, discussing his hairdo Tweet this

“He love what he does, he's passionate, it's just great working with him, he upped my game." — Stephanie Szostak Tweet this

“My whole career is a risk.” — Ben Kingsley on whether his Mandarin role was a risk Tweet this

"You just talk rubbish to each other for three months and hopefully something occurs.” — 'Iron Man 3' co-writer Drew Pearce on working with Shane Black Tweet this

“Shot lots of steroids and watched T.V.” — Ashley Hamilton, on prepping for his 'Iron Man 3' role (kidding, of course)Tweet this

“I felt like he was going to be like, 'Just kidding! April fools!'” — Gwyneth Paltrow, on when she heard she was named Most Beautiful Tweet this

“I make faces for cash and chicken.” — Robert Downey Jr. Tweet this