Here Is the Trailer to That Highly Anticipated Conclusion to a Film Series We’ve Never Seen

The ProjectorSeptember 14, 2011

There's probably no better example we can give you about both the benefits and limitations of this here Projector site than to admit, right here in front of you, that we have never seen a "Twilight" movie. (We think Grierson's maybe seen one?) We don't say that to sound either superior or inferior: We just simply state, right off the bat, that we have no idea what's going on in these movies. This is a fault of ours as film critics, we think: Surely we should have some idea of one of those most popular film series in the world, yes? We think that we should. But we also feel we cannot lie to you. So: Here's the "Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part One" trailer. We have no perspective or "voice" to offer you here.

So, let's see. What do we know? Vampires apparently are extremely fast swimmers, someone probably should have thought about the whole vampire-human baby idea as a concept WAY before it was a pressing issue and hey, look, Michael Sheen!

We promise to see the other movies before we see this one. We'll be fair and nice and open-minded and all right, so she gives birth to a vampire, is that the deal?

All right, time to go sign the guestbook!

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" [Yahoo Movies]