‘Top Gun’ Stars Reunite For Disney’s ‘Planes’

Mark Deming
Movie Talk

More than twenty-five years after "Top Gun," Iceman and Goose are back in the air... or at least their voices will be.

Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards, who co-starred with Tom Cruise in the iconic Reagan-era action drama, have been announced to be joining the voice cast of "Planes," a digitally-animated feature from Disney due to hit theaters August 9. They'll be providing the voices of Bravo and Echo, a pair of brawny F-18 fighter jets who are part of a team called the Jolly Wrenches.

The recently released teaser trailer for "Planes" reveals a few moments that clearly reference some of the high-flying stunt work in "Top Gun," and Kilmer and Edwards were eager to bring some of the "Top Gun" magic to the project.

"Anthony and I were such great rivals in 'Top Gun,' we always had so much fun on set," Kilmer told a reporter. "And I've always thought so highly of Anthony, especially with his success on 'ER.' So it was really great to find out that we would work together again on 'Planes.'"

Edwards expressed similar sentiments, saying, "When you think of movies with planes, 'Top Gun' usually comes up. It is fun to be part of this film as an old trusted hand who will help protect our hero. Our naval aviators are some of the best pilots in the world. Val and I are lucky enough to get to play them twice!"

Klay Hall, who directs "Planes," is a serious aviation fan, and had Iceman and Goose in mind when blocking out the characters of the F-18s. "When these two fighter jet characters were initially proposed for this new animated feature, I said 'Wouldn't it be great if we could get Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer -- the actors who played navy pilots Goose and Iceman in 'Top Gun' - to come voice Echo and Bravo?,'" Hall said. "And as it turned out, Anthony and Val were not only available but were very enthusiastic about getting the chance to work together again."

"Planes" tells the tale of Dusty, a spunky prop plane voiced by Dane Cook who wants to become a racing champion, except that he has some trouble dealing with heights. In addition to Cook, Kilmer and Edwards, "Planes" will feature an impressive voice cast, including John Cleese, Stacy Keach, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Cedric the Entertainer, Brad Garrett, Terry Hatcher, and Sinbad.

"Planes" will be released in 3D, and folks who want to see how it stacks up to one of the films that inspired it might want to pick up the recent Blu-Ray reissue of "Top Gun," which was recently refurbished for 3D viewing.