Tony Stark’s Unusual Weapon in New ‘Iron Man 3′ Clip

Mark Deming
Movie Talk

Tony Stark is saving the world again, and nobody said that was going to be easy. A brief clip from "Iron Man 3" debuted at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, and in it, Stark – once again played by Robert Downey Jr. – finds an unusual way to bring down a helicopter filled with bad guys.

Check out the clip here:

As the clip begins, Stark's home, perched on a cliff, is under siege, presumably being attacked by the forces of new villain The Mandarin (played by Ben Kingsley). Stark struggles to scale the cliff as weapons fire is exploding all around him, blasting from a flock of helicopters hovering around him, and we discover that his latest generation of the Iron Man suit has learned a new trick: it can reassemble itself at will. Stark is racing against time to get his armor back in shape before he's shot or blown to bits. However, just as he thinks he's safe, Stark's instrument panel informs him he's gone off line – why does your browser always crash at the wrong time? – and suddenly he finds himself plummeting back to the ground. But just as he’s about to slide off the edge, Stark fires his repulsors at his grand piano, vaulting the instrument straight at a chopper. Explosions ensue.

While the clip didn't give much of an indication what we can expect from "Iron Man 3" in terms of narrative, or how new director Shane Black will handle the tone or the characters in his first go-round with the franchise, it did make clear that they spent a whole the requisite amount of money on effects, and the action and danger quotients are as high as ever. It looks plenty exciting, and Robert Downey Jr. still looks both heroic and human as Tony Stark.

"Iron Man 3" opens on May 3, and you'll be able to watch the stars arrive for the red carpet premiere on April 24 right here on Yahoo! Movies.