Tom Cruise prowler arrested, tased, then revealed to be drunk neighbor

Meriah Doty
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A man who was prowling around Tom Cruise's Beverly Hills mansion was subdued with a stun gun by a private security guard and arrested by police on Sunday night.

Neither Cruise nor his family were at the house on Calle Vista Drive when the incident occurred at approximately 9:30 p.m., according to police.

"Upon arrival, officers contacted a lone male suspect who was attempting to leave the location. The suspect had been previously detained by a security officer, who was on duty at the residence and had observed the suspect climbing a fence to gain access to the property," the Beverly Hills Police Department said in a statement [via the L.A. Times].

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It turns out the said prowler was actually Cruise's neighbor, 41-year-old Jason Sullivan. (Pictures of him being arrested can be seen here on TMZ.) Sullivan was intoxicated and mistakenly stumbled over onto the actor's property, police say. After he was arrested, Sullivan was taken to a hospital and examined after being tased.

It may seem like an extreme reaction, but Cruise has had problems with stalkers in the past: He had to get a restraining order in 2008 against a man who showed up uninvited, multiple times at his Beverly Hills estate.

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