Tom Cruise Demonstrates Movie Star Method for Dramatic Improv on ‘Kimmel’

Kara Warner
Senior Reporter
Movie Talk

When it comes to dominating the movie promotional circuit, Tom Cruise is a genuine pro who can always be counted on to deliver a most charming performance or interview with whichever talk show host he visits. Aside from two memorable instances in 2005 with "Today Show" host Matt Lauer and the infamous couch-jumping with Oprah Winfrey, no one channels the classic charming movie star persona like Cruise.

Case in point, his recent visit to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday (April 11) where during an interview pegged to his upcoming sci-fi thriller "Oblivion," Kimmel challenged the star to deliver a few mundane lines in his best movie star voice. And to his movie star credit, Cruise got into it and turned sentences like "Is there a way to get the soup and the salad?" and "You forgot to include the attachment" into dramatic mini-movie scenes.

You can see the full segment with Kimmel here:

Naturally being the perfectionist and consummate pro that he is, Cruise admitted that he could have delivered some of the lines better, specifically "What's your return policy on this panini maker?" due to the fact that he broke down and giggled over having to say the word 'panini' in dramatic fashion, which made the game all the more enjoyable for the audience.

"I could do that better!" he said. "In movies you get a couple of takes..."

Cruise's his final dramatic read was the best because of its silliness - credit to Kimmel and his team for that - and because he chose to dazzle the crowd by delivering it in an Irish accent:

"Gentleman get your nunchucks, it's gopher-clubbing time."