Superman’s Telling ‘Man of Steel’ Rebel Yell

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As we've discussed, Superman is getting pretty emotional in this summer's "Man of Steel." And as the latest UK television teaser spot for the film reveals, Supes gives one of those classic cinematic guttural screams of horror.

Henry Cavill's facial expression appears to give it all away. Does someone he cares deeply for get killed?

If we let movie history be our guide, it appears to be the case:


Luke Skywalker gives that wide eyed, mouth agape look when Obi-Wan Kenobi enters the spirit world after being defeated by Darth Vader in "Star Wars IV."


Then there's Brad Pitt in "Legends of the Fall." In the 1994 film he plays the ultimate nature boy Tristan who becomes overwhelmed with shock and grief when he sees his brother (played by Henry Thomas) die on a World War I battlefield.


Mel Gibson delivers several guttural yells as William Wallace in his epic 1995 Scottish warrior flick "Braveheart." But let us remember, his passion flips to full on rage when his own wife is killed.

So now if we assume one of Superman's loved ones dies, the next logical question is to guess whom it is. And that seems to leave three people: Supes's presumable honey Lois Lane (Amy Adams), his father figure Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner), and the woman who raises him -- Martha Kent (Diane Lane).

Not to bust up any leftover Mother's Day cheer, but our bets are on Martha.

And since we've now seen Superman lose his proverbial sh--, we leave you with Nicolas Cage.


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