The ‘Before Sunrise’/'Before Sunset’ Team Are Getting Back Together

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1995's "Before Sunrise" was such a special, delicate movie -- a love story about two strangers hanging out, talking, and falling in love in the span of just a few hours -- that it was easy to be nervous when director Richard Linklater and stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy announced they were going to do a sequel. So it was even more of a happy surprise that 2004's "Before Sunset" was even better: sadder, wiser, even more romantic. We always wondered if the filmmakers would reunite to do another one at some point, and it looks like those talks are getting underway. We're nervous about that, but we're also kind of excited.

Hawke spoke with the French site AlloCine, and because we don't speak French we had to rely on the nice people at Vulture to explain what the heck he said. They provided a translation:

"I don't know what we're going to do but I know the three of us have been talking a lot in the last six months," Hawke said. "All three of us have been having similar feelings that we're ready to revisit those characters. There's nine years between the first two movies and, if we made the film next summer, it would be nine years again so we've really started thinking that would be a good thing to do. We're going to try write it this year."

Yes, we're all sick of sequels, but we confess to being curious about how a third "Before" film would play out. Sort of like the appeal of the "7 Up" documentary series -- director Michael Apted goes back to interview the same group of people every seven years -- the "Before" movies have become about how these two characters have aged and changed over time. Plus, "Before Sunset" ended with a cliffhanger: Did they stay together or not? So unlike a lot of sequels, there actually is more to explore and discover. Sure, you could argue that the first two films were so good you wouldn't want them to screw the whole thing up with a bad third film. But, be honest: You've thought about these two people and wondered what happened to them. So have we.

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