Steve’s Too Sexy: Ashton Kutcher Plays Shirtless Geek-Stud in ‘Jobs’ Trailer

Mark Deming
Movie Talk
Ashton Kutcher, shirtless Steve Jobs
Ashton Kutcher, shirtless Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a creative visionary, a maverick, a game-changer.

How do we know these things? He would take his phone calls outside ... with his shirt off!

The real Steve Jobs did almost everything but spin it 'round like a helicopter — from introducing one of the world's first mass-produced personal computers to revolutionizing the music industry with Apple's iTunes. And Ashton Kutcher shows us he's more than happy to disrobe in the name of accurate historical depiction in "Jobs."

Watch 15-Second 'Jobs' Trailer:

A film about technological firsts, it now claims one of its own — being the first trailer to debut on Instagram. The very first image in the special fifteen-second preview shows us a shirtless, clearly frustrated Jobs sitting on the lawn, possibly working on his tan (talk about multitasking!), and talking on the phone, only to slam it down, fall back, and howl.

Jobs being a shirt-optional kind of guy is the only major revelation in the Instagram trailer, and to be honest, while Kutcher as Jobs looks a lot more buff than the average guy working in your office's IT department, for someone he doesn't seem to be giving the ladies much of a thrill here. Then again, stack him up against Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak, (who thankfully keeps his shirt on) and Jobs looks pretty darn handsome. It's all about context, folks.

Beyond pecs, a tiny bit of a beer belly, and a smattering of chest hair, what does the "Jobs " trailer have to show us? Pretty much what you'd expect – the hungry early days at Apple, setting up the computer company as a real business, Jobs standing in a wheat field with arms outstretched (probably wishing he could take his shirt off), sketching the design for the iMac, and Jobs reading his own narration in a voice that drips with drama. This could pass for an Apple commercial if it were a little more stylish (and had John Hodgman and Justin Long in it somewhere).

There's no word yet if the two seconds of half-nude Steve Jobs in this trailer means Kutcher goes all "Magic Mike" on us. We'll all just have to wait until August 16 to find out. And in the meantime, get Kutcher (as Jobs) some sunscreen … he needs it.