Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin Officially the New Matt & Ben

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When Alec Baldwin hosted the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live," we weren't alone in correctly predicting that, of course, Steve Martin was going to show up for a cameo. Why wouldn't he? In the public consciousness, he and Baldwin are linked together because ... why exactly? Well, they hosted the Oscars together in 2010. They were in "It's Complicated" together. And they're the two people to host "SNL" the most. Is that enough to make them a comedy duo in the world's mind? Apparently so.

Today came word that they're in the very early stages of signing up for a pitch that's pretty light on details. In fact, here's what we know: It's "a comedy that has a bit of 'Trading Places' meets 'Grumpy Old Men.'" But they would be reuniting with Adam Shankman, who directed their Oscar telecast. Amusingly, Deadline says that the idea for this pitch (which still hasn't been written) "sprang from Martin appearing with Baldwin in the opening segment of 'Saturday Night Live' ... and Shankman and [producing partner Jennifer] Gibgot thought they'd make a good screen pairing." You know you've worked with them both before, right, Mr. Shankman?

Now, listen, we're not opposed to a project starring these two guys. We like them -- a lot! But we admit we always get a little tired when Hollywood tries to promote pairings in this way. We're talking Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, or Adam Sandler and his comedy buddies. Even if it's genuine, it always feels a little forced. Besides, does America really want Martin-Baldwin (or, as we're now calling it, Marwin) to happen? Yes, their Oscars did great ratings, but we're not alone in thinking it wasn't a great show. And, sure, "It's Complicated" was a hit, but it was far from a great movie.

If we sound less than supportive about this whole project, we have to admit to feeling protective about Marwin. We really do like them and think they've got a great rapport. That's why we don't want Hollywood taking that and running it into the ground. But, hey, they survived "It's Complicated": They'll probably be just fine without us worrying about them.

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