‘Star Trek’ Teaser: Has Captain Kirk Wreaked Irreversible Havoc?

Meriah Doty
Movie Talk
Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in 'Star Trek Into Darkness'
Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

The latest teaser trailer for “Star Trek Into Darkness”—like the trailers before it—depicts Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) in deep trouble. (Cliff jumping anyone?) But this time, do the visual bread-crumbs left behind by J.J. Abrams suggest a bit more of “Why?”

It looks like Kirk and Bones may have broken one of the most important guiding principles of the Star Trek universe: the Prime Directive, which keeps Starfleet from meddling with the natural order of any younger, “pre-warp” civilizations. Sure, the crew of USS Enterprise is allowed to warp to other planets and places, but they sure as heck aren’t allowed to reveal their existence to -- nor impart any of their advanced technology on -- more primitive beings. This could mess up their budding civilization royally.


Watch 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Teaser Trailer No. 2:

Kirk and Bones (Leonard H. McCoy, played by Karl Urban) are seen fleeing a presumed alien race whilst on another planet, red trees and all. They need to get to the beach stat. Naturally they launch themselves off a steep cliff in a life-risking leap into the sea.

Why the sea? It looks like the Enterprise is waiting down there for them – as is indicated when a gigantic marine species swims by Scotty (Simon Pegg) while he’s standing next to one of the ship’s observation ports.

And yeah, Kirk likes to break the rules, as we hear his predecessor and mentor Adm. Pike (Bruce Greenwood) point out to him, “You think the rules don’t apply to you because you disagree with them...”

All evidence indicates he did in fact break the Prime Directive. You see, part of adhering to the crucial Star Trek rule is keeping your identity concealed. And with a whole group of aliens making chase as Kirk and Bones flee -- while their hoods dangle from their necklines exposing their faces -- it looks like they broke that big rule.

Will the rest of Abrams' sci-fi flick be dedicated to Kirk cleaning up his mess or will it wind up being an excruciatingly close intergalactic call? We’ll find out May 17 when “Into Darkness” comes out.