‘Need for Speed’ Stars on How to Talk About Cars (and Make Sweet Car Noises)

Kara Warner
Yahoo Movies
March 13, 2014

In addition to its pretty young cast -- which includes "Breaking Bad" alum Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, and Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi -- the major selling point to "Need For Speed" is getting to watch a bunch of really fast and extraordinarily expensive cars zip around on the big screen.

Car aficionados will instantly appreciate the aerodynamics on display, but what if you know nada about cars and still want to be a part of the conversation? We can all talk about cars ... and we can certainly all make car noises.

When asked to demonstrate their best car noises using a fancy and detailed toy car (read: plastic rig purchased at a drug store), everyone was game save for Paul, who turned the proposal back on us (we made the car noises while he drove the toy car around his lap).

The rest of the crew pulled out all the stops however, with varying degrees of "SCREEECH!" and "VROOOOOM," etc. Remi Malek, Ramon Rodriguez and Mescudi put a lot of energy into their noises, mainly because we think they were trying to out-do one another with the volume level of their sound effects. Well, just see for yourself in the video above. (Bonus points go to Imogen Poots, the lone lady in the cast for her creative driving practices, which included off-road maneuvers on her arms, head and neck.)

Moving on from sound effects and toward using words and full sentences, we asked the cast for tips on the best way to talk about cars in order to sound like you're an expert.

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"Well you talk about horsepower, right?" said Malek.

"Keep it all about performance and then you sound like a pro," added Mescudi.

Paul admitted that this particular conversation topic is still not his forte.

"I don't know. I still have no idea what I'm even doing here," Paul joked. "No, you just pretend you know what you're talking about and cross your fingers and hope they believe you."

"You can throw out the word 'modifications' and you sound like a pro," offered Rodriguez. "Horsepower for sure."

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"[Also] cubic inches," said Malek, which was a term we weren't familar with so we asked him to explain. "Well, that's very technical stuff," he said, artfully dodging the question. "That's the thing, you don't want to get in there. You just want to throw out some terms."

Speaking of terms, since all the actors spent time learning to drive fast cars at above-the-limit speeds, we wondered if being in a movie made them all drive like race car drivers in real life.

"I drive the speed limit for sure," said Mescudi. "I have nice cars, not trying to wreck 'em."

"We've got sequels to make," joked Malek.

"Honestly after this movie I drive more cautious," admitted Paul. "I have got an addiction to going to the track, which is so fun. There are tracks everywhere and you can just pay for a track day."

Once again, Poots wins points for originality, in that she doesn't drive at any sort of speed limit.

"I don't actually drive, I really should have got my license, I've lived in California for two years" admitted Poots. "I'm basically always taking driving lessons."

We offered some encouragement and reminded her that she has the DMV to look forward to.

"The DMV is amazing!" she said. "I was there the other day just hanging out and this guy, I attract nut cases constantly and this guy next to me kept shouting 'Turkey!' and 'Creme Brulee!' randomly."

"Need for Speed" opens everywhere March 14.

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