Sorry, But the Natalie Portman-Ashton Kutcher Sex Comedy Looks Terrific

Will Leitch
Movie Talk
They're doing it. Paramount Pictures
They're doing it. Paramount Pictures

"Black Swan," the weirdest and wildest movie Natalie Portman has ever done (and likely will ever do, unless she decides her next project will involve only characters made out of Jell-O), is the second-biggest non-"Star Wars" hit of her career, and it's surely going to pass "V For Vendetta" in a couple of weeks. Portman has always been a critical fave; she's now a bona fide movie star. And if the new red-band trailer for "No Strings Attached" is any indictation, she's about to become an even bigger one.

Considering the movie was derisively referred to as Portman's "Norbit" -- a reference to the wretched Eddie Murphy comedy that might have cost him an Oscar for "Dreamgirls" -- it's doubly impressive how funny the trailer is. There's a terrific joke about a post-sex balloon and 3-D glasses, meaty supporting performance from Greta Gerwig, Mindy Kaling and Kevin Kline (!), and Portman screaming "You like like a pumpkin, bitch!" to a, we dunno, a female rival, maybe? After "Black Swan," seeing Portman lighten up and have fun is particularly appealing; she seems to be enjoying herself more than anyone. And, as comedian Jim Hamilton put it on Twitter, "I'm starting to get nervous about that bet I made with Natalie Portman that she couldn't have sex with the entire cast of 'That 70s Show.'" The movie looks like a bit of a blast.

It has some legit highbrow bonafides we bet you didn't realize either. The film is the first screenplay by acclaimed 28-year-old playwright Elizabeth Meriwether, who was infamously fired by the Obama campaign in 2007 for inappropriately funny emails. (She's already had two critically lauded plays produced.) In other words: If you were thinking that Portman was making some sort of career mistake by starring in an Ashton Kutcher sex comedy around the same time she wins an Oscar, you haven't read the script, and you haven't seen this trailer. She knows what she's doing.

Though we can't vouch for "Thor."

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