Sofia Vergara’s Soundalike Sis

Matt Whitfield
Movie Talk

Surprisingly, the familiar Colombian voice you may have heard in the trailer for DreamWorks/Disney's "Fright Night" remake doesn't belong to "Modern Family" minx Sofia Vergara. The recognizable speak actually belongs to her younger adopted sister, former model Sandra, who makes her first major motion picture appearance in the highly anticipated vampire flick.

As Ginger, the sultry assistant to self-proclaimed vampire killer/Criss Angel-esque magician Peter Vincent, Sandra parades around in skimpy ensembles for a mere five minutes of the film but does a decent job (and looks great!) while taking the movie's protagonist, Charley (played by "Terminator Salvation" alum Anton Yelchin) on a tour of her boss/lover's Gothic Sin City abode. Check out a clip of Sandra in action, followed by a clip of Sofia on "Modern Family":

See what I mean? Not only do the South American siblings look similar, they sound virtually identical. But are their vocal stylings a sham? Many have questioned whether or not Sofia has upped her accent in recent years thanks to the success she's found playing wacky housewife Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on ABC's top-rated comedy. Has Sandra decided to follow in her sister's footsteps by accentuating her distinct articulation?

Judge for yourself when "Fright Night" opens nationwide on Friday, August 19, and when "Modern Family" returns with its third season on Wednesday, September 21.

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