Will Smith’s son brings his dad to work for Oscar event

Matt Donnelly
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Will Smith is doing the pre-Academy Awards party circuit, but it's not to tout an upcoming movie.

Rather, Smith ventured out to Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel on Tuesday to watch his sons steal the show at Vanity Fair's DJ night, a salute to record spinners that L'Oreal throws as part of the mag's "Campaign Hollywood," a weeklong prelude to Oscar Sunday. Smith's eldest son Trey, who goes by DJ AcE, played for the crowd at Teddy's, the noted blackbox club nestled in front of the hotel.

Will arrived around 10:30 p.m. with little fuss, though a two-man security team wasn't far behind.

AcE was beyond enthusiastic, inspiring a crowd that included actress Chloe Moretz to get on their feet, particularly when his half-brother Jayden stepped on the floor.

Jayden, son to Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, arrived with a crew of dancers who weren't afraid to bust out a few routines.

The evening's host Freida Pinto grabbed boyfriend Dev Patel's hand, pulled him from a couch, and they danced right along with the Smith offspring.

Clad in a white T-shirt and blue baseball cap, Will seemed content on a leather couch behind the DJ booth watching both of his boys do their thing. He may be the movie star, but Will's kids were the main attraction.

A photo booth and L'Oreal makeup station entertained those who weren't inspired to shake it, and the crowd filed out before midnight.

Nothing like a famous dad to remind Oscar revelers that everyone has a bed time.

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