Slasher Showdown: Day 4 – Fun Facts

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Movie TalkOctober 28, 2010

We've stacked up the body counts, the box office totals, and the critics' reviews of all of the Michael, Jason, and Freddy films, but do we have a clear winner yet in our Slasher Showdown? Freddy had the highest "per film" average at the box office, Jason racked up the most victims, and each movie franchise had its ups and downs in reviews, but there are so many more factors that could make one of these villains the ultimate slasher.

Today, we're stepping away from the hard facts and numbers to look at a variety of fun aspects from each killer's unique slashing style to the music that made their movies even scarier. Anything that can help decide who should win it all.

Make sure to check in tomorrow to find out who really is the best of the three after our weeklong Slasher Showdown. And if you feel strongly about which of these villains you would pick after reviewing all the evidence, make sure to let us know!

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