Slasher Showdown: Day 1 – Body Count

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From Dracula to Jigsaw, horror movies have given us more
than enough villains to haunt our dreams for a lifetime. But none have become
more iconic than the unholy trinity of Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and
Freddy Krueger. For over 26 years, these three have been slashing and killing
their way to infamy and into our hearts. But one question has always remained:
Who truly is the best of the three?

With Halloween around the corner, we've decided to hold a
weeklong Slasher Showdown. Each day this week, we'll be releasing a new
infographic pitting Michael, Jason, and Freddy against each other. On Friday,
we'll crown our winner and hopefully settle the debate once and for all.

First up, we'll be looking at body count. An important
requirement for being the greatest slasher of all time is a healthy resumé of
kills. Take a look below and see how the three stack up:

See the full-size infographic >>

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