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Shelter Dog Adopts 8 Abandoned Puppies

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

Shelter Dog Adopts 8 Abandoned Puppies

Timber, a German Shepherd, had two puppies of her own, then adopted eight orphans at her shelter.

After having two puppies of her own via C-section at a Canadian animal shelter, German Shepherd Timber's maternal instinct was in full swing - and she decided to make eight more young puppies at the shelter her own.

The orphaned pups were about one week old when they were found in a box at a park, just three days before Timber's own pups were born. The staff at the Langley Animal Protection Society had been bottle-feeding the puppies around the clock, but when Timber's litter was born on Dec. 6, her veterinarian said the puppies could be introduced to the new mom to see if she'd accept them.

Timber took in the pups, who are believed to be a Pit Bull mix, and is nursing all 10 of the puppies. She's a "very doting mom," the shelter says on its blog. - Read it at the Huffington Post Canada and watch the puppies on a live stream

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