The Shark Still Works: ‘Jaws’ Debuts on Blu-ray

Philip Yu
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Jaws Blu-ray Box Art
Jaws Blu-ray Box Art

Today, Universal Studios released a restored print of 'Jaws' as part of the studio's 100th Anniversary celebration. The new Blu-ray edition coincides with the annual Shark Week, a pop culture phenomenon of its own that like so many shark-related things, owes much of its popularity to the 1975 blockbuster film.

"It has somehow been absorbed by global pop culture," Jaws co-screenwriter Carl Gottlieb told Yahoo! Movies. "I am constantly surprised by its universality. You talk to people in far off countries and they all know Jaws."

Yahoo! Movies recently sat down with four key players in the Jaws legacy: Gottlieb; Jaws production designer Joe Alves; Universal Studios Technical Operations Senior VP Michael Daruty, who led the effort to restore the original Jaws film print; and "The Shark is Still Working" documentary producer J. Michael Roddy.

Watch an exclusive interview with 'Jaws' creatives Carl Gottleib, J. Michael Roddy, Joe Alves and Michael Daruty:

"Some 37 years later, the shark still works. It still has the same impact," Roddy said. "The story is just as thrilling and just as much fun as it was back in 1975."

The original Jaws print underwent an extensive restoration process under the supervision of Daruty and the Universal technical team. And the final product is a sight to behold, including more than four hours of documentary footage, deleted scenes and interviews with the original cast and crew.

"The quality is nothing like what we've put out before," Daruty told Yahoo! Movies. "Even Steven [Spielberg] has said the film has never looked this good, even in its original theatrical release."

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