This Is What Happens When A Little Kid Learns Darth Vader’s Secret

The Projector

In our nightmares, someone is filming us while we're watching a great movie. Like most people, we walk around wearing a mask, a mask that falls off when we're at the movies, where we're free -- helpless, really -- to wear our emotions on our face. If you put footage of us watching a movie on YouTube, we'd perpetually look like we're seeing the TwoGirlsOneCup video. We get into it, that's all we're saying.

So even though you might argue that this video of a kid discovering that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's dad looks somewhat staged -- that little blink toward the camera after Vader's reveal could be a tell, or it could just be a kid looking to his parent for approval -- but the concept is so appealing and universal that the video is nonetheless irresistible. (And honestly: Who wants to spend their days questioning the authenticity of cute kid videos? Let's use the Internet for good, people.)

Anyway someone can set up one of these cameras for the "Human Centipede" screenings this week?

Also, somebody tell this kid that Han shot first and that Yoda used to be a puppet.

Also, wait until he sees "The Crying Game."

OK, we're out of kickers.

Watch This Kid Discover Who Luke Skywalker's Father Is [Buzzfeed] (via Vulture)