Go See a Pure, Intense, Non-Supervillain Michael Shannon While You Still Can

The Projector

Sometimes people overstate just how much an actor is typecast in a particularly iconic comic-book role. Sure, Christopher Reeve was and always will be Superman, but honestly, we completely forget that Michael Keaton was Batman, or that Colin Farrell was Daredevil's enemy, or even that Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. Hell, Gene Hackman was a splendid (if maybe not quite menacing enough) Lex Luthor, and it's fair to say that's pretty far down on his resume.

But most of those other actors are known widely for other major movies: As terrific as Michael Shannon has been in just about everything his whole career, nothing is going to compare to his General Zod in Zack Snyder's upcoming "Man of Steel." (Well, "upcoming." The movie's out in June 2013.) It will be how he's branded forever in the public consciousness. Unless of course the movie flops, in which case, he has a whole different set of problems.

Shannon talked to the LA Times' Hero Complex about General Zod, and he says a few interesting things, but honestly: Please go see "Take Shelter" this weekend. We don't love the movie quite as much as Grierson does -- we think the fevered spell it casts throughout breaks with about 15 minutes left -- but it's still terrific, and Shannon is just heartbreaking. Its his best work, and might mark one of the last times he can give such a quiet, solitary performance without any General Zod baggage. It's only playing in three theaters this weekend, but more are coming. Get there and enjoy him, before "Man of Steel" comes out, and all you can do is kneel.

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