See Princess Diana’s Secret Rendezvous Recreated… by a Bewigged Naomi Watts

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The two looks of Naomi Watts as 'Diana'
The two looks of Naomi Watts as 'Diana'

How do you have a private life when you're the most famous woman in the world?

That was a great dilemma for Princess Diana as she tried to move on after her marriage to Prince Charles fell apart. It is also the focus of the latest trailer for "Diana," the upcoming biopic starring Naomi Watts.

The film chronicles the final years of Diana's life, including her tumultuous secret love affair with Dr. Hasnat Khan (played in the film by Naveen Andrews of "Lost").

In the trailer, Diana is seen opening a mail-order package that contains a flowing, dark brown wig, and in real life Diana used the very same ruse to go out undetected with her lover. Diana would disguise her trademark blond hair with the brown wig, glasses, and a black dress. The late princess would literally hide in plain sight, going out to jazz clubs with Khan — a passionate music fan. (One of the scenes in the film was shot at Ronnie Scott's, the legendary London jazz venue that was one of Khan's favorite haunts.)

Watch the exclusive new trailer premiere for 'Diana':

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The sneak peek also includes a look at Diana's humanitarian efforts, ranging from glitzy charity events to defusing distant land mines.

But the focus in on how Di's personal life changes when she meets Khan, a surgeon of Pakistani heritage working at a London hospital. In the trailer, there's clearly an immediate attraction between the two, and those close to Diana say this was based on true events. Diana met Khan while visiting a friend who had heart surgery performed by Khan. After the meeting, a smitten Di calls the doctor "drop-dead gorgeous," saying that he has "dark-brown velvet eyes that you could just sink into."

According to her friends, Diana would slip out to spend time at his apartment, even doing dishes and folding his laundry. However, Khan was wary of marriage (at the time he was involved with Diana, he'd been engaged twice, breaking it off each time before reaching the altar), and had no interest in living life in the spotlight. The trailer reflects his indifference to her fame and his reluctance to rush into a relationship. (Not to mention his desire to avoid a global scandal, as Diana was still married to Prince Charles at the time.)

Naomi Watts and the real Diana
Naomi Watts and the real Diana

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By the end of her life Diana was dating noted playboy Dodi Al Fayed, but the trailer suggests that Diana was still in love with Khan, and she may have engaged in her public tryst with Al Fayed to make Khan jealous.

However, there is debate about how accurate the film is and the truth may never be known. Al Fayed family has often spoken about Diana's relationship with Dodi, who died in the same auto accident that claimed her life. Khan, however, has remained stubbornly private, refusing to discuss the details of his romance with the woman who could have been the Queen of England.

Hasnat Khan's discretion would have come as no surprise to the women he loved. In a Vanity Fair piece on Diana, one of her friends said that shortly before her death, she said of Khan, "Everybody sells me out. Hasnat is the one person who will never sell me out."

"Diana" opens in American theaters on November 1.