Searching for Facebook Co-Founder Eduardo Saverin

Claudine Zap
Movie Talk
Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin Columbia Pictures
Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin Columbia Pictures

After watching the movie "The Social Network," about Mark Zuckerberg's controversial starting up of Facebook, one question seems to be haunting viewers: Whatever happened to Eduardo Saverin? Fans of the movie have left the theater and hit the Web to find out more about the company's original co-founder.

Yahoo! Searches on "eduardo saverin" shot up 565% in just one day. Lookups were also bullish on "mark zuckerberg eduardo saverin," "eduardo saverin settlement," and "co-founder of facebook eduardo saverin."

In the movie version of Facebook's founding, Eduardo Saverin (played by Andrew Garfield onscreen) is portrayed as Mark Zuckerberg's best friend while students at Harvard. Saverin in real life was the original money guy who bankrolled the future Facebook CEO for $1,000, and became the business manager of the company born in a dorm room. For a while.

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The first chief financial officer for the social network eventually got pushed out with a tiny stake in the company and his name taken off the masthead as a co-founder. The Brazilian-born Harvard grad sued Zuckerberg, and won: He apparently gained back a 5% share of Facebook -- worth about one billion dollars today -- and got his name restored as a co-founder. But in exchange, Saverin isn't talking.

The businessman -- who was reportedly a source for the author of the book that the movie is based on, "The Accidental Billionaires" -- is now way under the radar. The 26-year-old's Facebook profile lists him as a technology entrepreneur and investor based in New York who likes "hurricane tracking, chess," and "happiness." The billionaire made the Forbes 400 list in 2010, which lists his marital status as single.

The real-life Saverin is keeping a low profile, even as the fictional version becomes famous on the big screen. At least on paper, it's a happy ending.

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