Scary-Skinny No More: Matthew McConaughy Gets His Beefcake Back On

Movie TalkMarch 14, 2013
Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey

Just a few short months ago, Matthew McConaughey wasn't looking so hot -- on purpose. He dropped nearly 40 pounds to play an AIDS patient in "Dallas Buyer's Club" (above photo, right). His scary-skinny state has now, thankfully, been updated from slight to strapping.

Yes, we no longer have to worry about McConaughey's thin frame, now that the 43-year-old actor has brought his body back to its former "Magic Mike" glory (above photo, left).

Sporting muscles, a fake tattoo, and a skin-tight tank, McConaughey strutted on the set of his new HBO series "True Detective" on Wednesday, March 13, in New Orleans.

Also starring Woody Harrelson, the high-concept cop drama centers around two detectives whose lives intertwine in a 17-year hunt for a Louisiana serial killer.

Described as an "elevated serial narrative with multiple perspectives and time frames," HBO has picked up the apparent miniseries for eight episodes.

The biggest question on our minds, however, is: When's the next time we'll see him running shirtless on the beach?