Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow: One Step Closer to Her Own Movie

Bryan Enk
Yahoo Movies

So is Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, going to get her own movie or what?

While she has yet to get her own character-based spinoff, the sole female member (for now, anyway) of The Avengers is sharing a large portion of the spotlight in the upcoming "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." The beautiful and deadly agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., played by Scarlett Johansson, gets a lot more screen time in the new "Cap" than she did in either "Iron Man 2" (2010) or "Marvel's The Avengers" (2012)... and a lot more character development.

"I was trying to get them to switch the name of this film for so long. I wanted it to be like 'Captain America (But It's Really a Widow Movie)' in parentheses," Johansson told Yahoo Movies on the red carpet of the "Cap 2" premiere Thursday.

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Scarlett Johasson in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' (Marvel Studios)
Scarlett Johasson in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' (Marvel Studios)

That unofficial title comes from the film shedding some light on the actress' secretive character, with Johansson herself contributing a lot of what makes Black Widow tick (or weave?).

"The most exciting thing about reading and developing this script from early on is I felt like I had a lot of input this time around," said Johansson. "In this film we really get to focus on the relationship between Cap and Widow and learn more about who she is outside of the job. It was fun to incorporate my backstory that I've been developing and finally get a chance to play that here."

That backstory, which involves what Johansson describes as "a sordid past," could be developed even further if Marvel goes forward with a Widow-centric film, something that Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige feels is a possibility and really a matter of timing.

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"I think the idea would be great," said Feige at a press conference earlier this week via "We've got various outlines and ideas of where to take that. The question really is, 'When will we take her out of the ensemble and have her do her own thing?' As you saw in ['Captain America: The Winter Soldier'], as you'll see in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron,' she's really the key to so much of the plot development."

Ah, yes... the "Avengers" sequel, opening May 1, 2015. But might all that running, leaping, punching and other superhero-type activities not be the best idea for someone who's, you know, pregnant?

ScarJo herself has said nothing will interfere with any Widow action on "Age of Ultron," without actually addressing the fact that she's expecting her first child with French journalist fiancé Romain Dauriac.

"Everything for 'Avengers 2' ... we're full steam ahead," said a cautious Johansson to Huffington Post. "We start shooting in three weeks and I'm stunt training and we're good to go. You know, I think it's something that is [laughing] hard to talk about, exactly. You know, trying to skirt around your question exactly [laughs] — and, you know, doing a poor job of it. But, you know, like I said, everything is exactly on schedule [Laughs] Everything is going just fine. The Black Widow always wins and will continue to."

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No matter what's in store for Natasha in the future, it's nice to know she's now being given more to do than just spew Joss Whedon wisecracks, share vague moments with Hawkeye, and get eyed by Happy Hogan while she changes clothes in the back seat of a car. As she said, she's got a lot of red in her ledger and she'd like to wipe it out.

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" opens April 4, as does ScarJo's unsettling sci-fi thriller, "Under the Skin."