The Scares Keep Coming in First ‘Insidious Chapter 2′ Trailer

Kara Warner
Movie Talk

Now that the first official “Insidious Chapter 2” trailer has dropped, fans looking forward to the sequel of James Wan’s 2011 horror show should be even more excited, not to mention frightened.

The trailer – which Yahoo! Movies was lucky enough to preview last night via a special fan event held at the storied and possibly haunted Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles – opens with the film’s protagonists, the Lambert family, trying to adjust to life after the events that occurred in “Insidious,” chiefly the fact that their son was possessed by evil spirits in a far away realm called The Further.

The Lamberts have moved on and moved into a new house and everything seems fine and dandy until Renai (Rose Byrne) senses a not-so-friendly presence in the house, complete with shots of rocking horses rocking on their own, her baby’s walker following her into a room with no baby in it, and finally, a look at a very creepy woman in white rising from the couch and disappearing from the room. Despite the best efforts of her husband Josh (Patrick Wilson), Renai can’t ignore the fact that something menacing has followed them from to this new house.

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The action then turns toward The Lamberts, including grandma Lorraine (Barbara Hershey) attempting to rid themselves of any connection to The Further via psychic mediums and séances. The trailer builds with glimpses of devilish/demonic disturbances, creepy characters, and demonstrates that this evil will not go down without a fight (and really, we wouldn’t want it to).

Director Wan ("Saw, "Fast & Furious 7"), who made a special appearance at the preview event for a post-trailer Q&A, told fans that the second film isn’t so much a sequel as a direct continuation of the first film. In other words: he’s not treading over too-familiar ground, but rather expanding upon it.

“We continue with the mythology,” he explained. “This film is grounded more in the real world and the haunting has nothing to do with house, it’s The Further.” Naturally Wan didn’t want to give away too many plot details, but he did tease that “Insidious Chapter 2” will answer questions left unanswered by the first film. He also noted that the film will briefly touch on the elements of time travel, along with a flashback to 1986 to see Josh Lambert’s initial exploration/discovery of his “gift.”

Insidious Chapter 2” hits theaters everywhere on Friday September 13.

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