Sass Is Thicker Than Blood in First ‘Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters’ Trailer

Breanne Heldman
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Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters
Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters

They say every Rose has its thorn. Well, the Rose of "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters" has those, too, but she also has a vampire BFF named Lissa.

And, while fearless fighter Rose Hathaway is the true star of the bestselling book series by Richelle Mead, she's taking a back seat to the blond fanged-one in this exclusive first trailer for the film. Then again, they're both taking a back seat to the action … and some serious sass.

Watch First 'Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters' Trailer:

Of course, that sass should come as no surprise when you hear that the man at the helm of this latest young adult novel adaptation is none other than "Mean Girls" director Mark Waters. He wisely introduces us to this unique private school in true Regina George fashion.

"I don't know about you, but my school can get a little insane," declares a voiceover from Zoey Deutch, who plays the aforementioned Rose. "Most of us stay up all night and all of us think that we'll live forever … if we survive graduation, that is."

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As should be the case with any teenage vampire tale, this trailer provides no shortage of pretty young things to look at. We watch as Rose enters a school dance alongside Lissa, (Lucy Fry) and their pal Natalie ("Modern Family" standout Sarah Hyland), and soon learn that Lissa and Rose are a bit more intimate than most high school pals.

In fact, they're the "Blood Sisters" the title references, meaning Rose – who is a "dhampir," or half-vampire, half-human training to defend the mortal vampires called the Moroi, of which Lissa is one – occasionally feeds her bestie directly from her neck. Some friends exchange bracelets, others let them suck their blood. No big deal.

Rose also gets a little loving – and we get to see Lea Thompson's 18-year-old daughter in a bra and underwear – from her older, burly fight trainer and mentor, Dimitri (Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky). Can't say fans will complain about getting a little teaser of this hot and heavy scene from the books.

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At first glance, this trailer may feel like some sort of been there, done that when it comes to youngsters with fangs, but we assure you that the combination of Mead and Waters offers something a little bit more than a whiney romance ("Twilight" what?) or dizzying lore ("Vampire Diaries" who?).

"Vampire Academy" offers some major butt-kicking mixed with the essence of Gretchen Wieners. Fetch, indeed.

"Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters" arrives in theaters on February 14, 2014.