How Sandra Bullock ‘Lulled’ Melissa McCarthy Into ‘The Heat’

Breanne Heldman
Movie Talk
Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy
Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy

You'd think there would be some sort of cool, exclusive clubhouse where the comedic actresses in Hollywood would hang out and crack each other up over martinis or something, but, alas, there's not.

If there were, we imagine Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy would've been besties for years before signing on to co-star in "The Heat." But, as it turns out, they spoke for the first time during a very unusual phone call.

"It was weird to hear her voice because it's so familiar, but then it was a little hushed," McCarthy recalled for Yahoo! Movies.

"I was doing naptime," Bullock explained. "I was rocking Louis because [Melissa] only had this little bit of time because she was shooting."

Watch Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy talk to Yahoo! Movies:

After the pair gave us a whispered example of that awkward moment, McCarthy described her reaction to speaking to the Oscar winner cradling her then two-year-old son.

"I was like, She's real mellow, isn't she? And then I found out she was rocking a baby … I thought maybe she was a little odd. Now I know that naturally, she's not that quiet."

Not surprisingly, the tides turned shortly thereafter.

"Immediately, even after all that weirdness, she lulled me. She lulled me into doing [the film]," she said. "We're both kind of weird so it seemed kind of perfectly right."

"Weirdly compatible," Bullock interjected.

You can see for yourself how compatible they are on-screen in "The Heat," in theaters now.

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