Russell Crowe has really transformed into ‘Noah’

Mike Krumboltz
Movie Talk

When Russell Crowe starred in the megahit "Gladiator," his Caesar-style haircut inspired many a copycat. Here's hoping his hairstyle in the upcoming "Noah" doesn't have a similar effect on the moviegoing masses.

In a recently published on-set photo, Crowe sports a grey-ish mop and could pass for a Jimmy Buffett enthusiast. Add to that a very scruffy beard and the total package that looks a lot like a man stuck on a boat with loads of animals and no scissors. Which, we guess, is the point.

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The biblical epic, directed by Darren Aronofsky ("Black Swan") and co-starring Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and Anthony Hopkins, is scheduled to hit theaters in spring 2014. But if you need to get your Crowe fix a bit earlier, you're in luck. You have see him kick butt and take names in the RZA's kung-fu epic "The Man with the Iron Fist" this month and you can see him sing in "Les Misérables," coming out Christmas Day.

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