“The Rum Diary:” Yep, It’s Johnny Depp Playing Hunter S. Thompson Again

The Projector

"The Rum Diary" is Hunter S. Thompson's one published novel, written when he was 22 years old, before the drugs and the campaign trails and the fear and the loathing. It is not considered a particularly noteworthy novel; The New York Times wrote "if you're looking for the birthplace of gonzo, you won't find it here." But it was written by Hunter S. Thompson, and the lead character is based on Hunter S. Thompson, which means Johnny Depp gets to play Hunter S. Thompson again, which is the only reason "The Rum Diary" exists as a film in the first place.

Thus, Depp channels Thompson's mannerisms once again, except this time it's not as Hunter himself, but as a young journalist in Puerto Rico in the 1950s. Which means you have Johnny Depp, who is nearly 50 years old, playing a 22-year-old reporter who makes out with Amber Heard, who is 25, working for an old man boss played by Richard Jenkins, who is only 15 years older than Depp. It's all a little bit confusing. We're glad Depp is such a big fan of Thompson -- we're a fan too; we actually went out drinking with the guy once -- and we know this is one of Depp's passion projects ... but to be entirely honest, this thing sort of looks like a disaster. Only Aaron Eckhart showing up gives us hope.

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