A ‘Romancing the Stone’ Remake Could Become an ‘Ugly Truth’ Reunion

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Many romantic comedies (and action films with a romantic subplot) get a lot of mileage out of the "I hate you/"I hate you more!" byplay of its leads, which is supposed to suggest that, even though it seems like the central couple can't stand each other, they're actually totally in love. If done well, it can be really charming. If not, then you've got "The Ugly Truth," the 2009 film starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler where they spend the whole movie being jerks to each other. There wasn't much chemistry there, but, if certain rumors are true, they could be hooking up again for a remake of "Romancing the Stone." Make your plans accordingly.

The Playlist alerts us to a post from Moviehole, who are citing a "trusted source" that says that Fox is moving forward on a "Romancing the Stone" redo. The 1984 original was directed by a scrappy upstart named Robert Zemeckis, and two years ago "Ugly Truth" director Robert Luketic was attached to the remake. He's no longer involved, but Moviehole is hearing that Fox may want Heigl to play the Kathleen Turner role of the sheltered adventure writer. As for the Michael Douglas part of the Indiana Jones-like soldier of fortune, it could be either Taylor Kitsch or Heigl's "Ugly Truth" costar Butler. By the way, Butler is 41, and Kitsch is 30; that's not an insignificant age difference between the two actors Moviehole hears Fox is currently considering.

Before the Heigl haters start yelling at their monitors, though, we'd suggest a little restraint. This new "Stone" is something Fox has been working on since at least 2008, so this could stay in development hell forever. Still, considering the success of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," you can see why Fox wants to reignite the franchise that was endlessly compared to "Raiders of the Lost Ark" back in the day. Indy didn't have these kinds of moves on the dance floor, though...

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