'RoboCop' Faces a Revamped ED-209 in a New Action Clip

Yahoo Movies

Not only does Officer Alex Murphy have a revamped look in the upcoming new version of "RoboCop," but so does his old nemesis, the ED-209.

In the original, the Enforcement Droid Series 209 was a heavily armed, two-legged lumbering robot that was brought in to battle RoboCop (Peter Weller) when he turned against his corporate masters at OCP. The robot was created by designer Craig Davies, who built a life-sized, 300 lbs. version of the ED-209 for static shots. Every time you see the robot move, it was actually a small-scaled puppet brought to life by legendary stop-motion animator Phil Tippett. Director Paul Verhoeven was actively involved in the whole process, even acting out how the ED-209 should move for the animators to follow.

For the new film, the ED-209 retains the same two-leg, two-turret design of the first, but the look is much more angular. And while the first film just had the one robot, in the new version there is a whole fleet of the 11'-tall monsters. Of course, in the upcoming film they are all computer-generated creations. But that just means they're better able to go up stairs.

"RoboCop" rides into theaters on February 12.