Robert Downey Jr. heads down memory lane for ‘The Entire History Of You’

Mark Deming
Movie Talk

Robert Downey Jr. has revealed plans for an intriguing future project.

His Team Downey production company has obtained the remake rights to an acclaimed thriller originally produced for British television.

Downey’s company is spearheading an American adaptation of “The Entire History Of You,” an episode of the Channel 4 anthology series “Black Mirror.” In the original version, aired in 2011, Toby Kebbell plays a man who is living in the near future, when brain implants have been perfected that allow users to record and play back everything they see and hear. As the man becomes convinced his wife has been unfaithful to him, he begins obsessively reviewing the recordings of his life until his marriage and his life hangs in the balance.

Jesse Armstrong, who wrote the “Black Mirror” episode, has been recruited to write the new film version. The big-screen version of the story will be given a new twist, as the man discovers a nefarious conspiracy as he examines the playbacks from his brain. Armstrong was a writer for the British comedy shows “Peep Show” and “Smack The Pony,” and scripted the movies “Four Lions” and “In The Loop.” The latter earned Armstrong an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Reviewers cited “The Entire History Of You” as one of the highlights of “Black Mirror”’s debut season, and George Clooney was said to have been interested in buying the remake rights, but apparently Downey came out ahead. So far, there is no word if Downey will appear in “The Entire History Of You,” or simply produce the project.