‘Ride Along’ Makes an Odd Couple Out of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube

Kara Warner
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Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in 'Ride Along'
Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in 'Ride Along'

If you've seen the trailer or posters for the new comedy "Ride Along," you already have a good idea about what happens when Ice Cube and Kevin Hart combine on the big screen: banter, insults, height jokes, gun play, and more.

But what about when you put the duo in a room together without a script and try to get them to stay on topic ?

When Yahoo Movies sat down with Cube and Hart recently to do just that, we learned to expect the unexpected and came away with a few previously unknown fun facts like: The first time Cube met Hart was while playing basketball, after the comedian fouled Cube, naturally.

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"He fouled me and knocked me down and said, 'Cube I want to work with you one day man,'" Cube recalled of their first meeting. "He lifted me up and I said, 'Man get down the court.'"

"He had every piece of equipment that was ever distributed," Hart said. "Two headbands, a mouthpiece with three different teams on it, he had on Kobe's knee brace that Kobe threw into the crowd, and a knee brace over that with the brackets around it. He had on ankle braces, I don't even know how you played."

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We then asked Hart which Cube album did he buy first.

"You know what, I never bought one. I downloaded them all illegally when I was of age," Hart said, a statement we immediately challenged because he doesn't seem like the type to wait.

"I couldn't listen to that! You know what they were saying?" Hart protested. "You know what my mom said when she caught me listening to "F--- the Police?" I said, "Mom, listen to this track. And as soon as I played it she popped me in the mouth," he said, turning to Cube, "You got me popped in the mouth."

Hart then decided to give his co-star some sincere props.

"All jokes aside, his whole movement, they broke so much ground," Hart said of Cube and his rap group NWA. "Everyone wanted to be them, except I didn't want the Jerry curl. Your hair stunk. There's no way that Jerry curl didn't stink."

"My hair didn't stink, it's those damn dreads," Cube countered. "Them dreads smell like bathwater."

Their bickering eventually came to an end with a debate about how much more influential Cube's "Boyz in the Hood" character Doughboy was versus the impact of Hart's "Soul Plane" character Nashawn Wade. Can you guess who won that argument?

"Do you understand how groundbreaking Doughboy was?" Hart asked Cube. "Do you ever sit back and think about that? You probably think Nashawn Wade was groundbreaking, that was my character in 'Soul Plane,' I know you do. I'm talking about you as Doughboy, you broke ground with that Cube, that was a good job."

"Hey man, that purple plane, it changed my life," Cube shot back.

"Don't talk about 'Soul Plane,'" Hart said. "Don't you disrespect 'Soul Plane.'"

"Ride Along" is in theaters now.

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