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The Remains of the Original ‘Star Wars’ Set

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The Remains of the Original ‘Star Wars’ Set

Luke Skywalker's birthplace of Tatooine then, below, and now (Photo: Rä di Martino/20th Century Fox)

Believe it or not, Luke Skywalker's birthplace exists now… on this planet!

Unbeknownst to most of the world, an abandoned film set from "Episode IV" remains in tact.

Skywalker's hometown of Tatooine was depicted in the film that's now more than 35 years old. And at least part of that sequence was shot in a North African desert.

Flash forward three decades and some change, when New York-based visual artist and filmmaker Rä di Martino stumbled upon the dilapidated film set.

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She first caught wind of the set after scanning Google Earth and happened upon a tourist photo of the "Star Wars" set, according to a recent article on Fast Company's website. Its coordinates not completely clear, she scoured the region and finally found the remains of the Tatooine in its original location in a Tunisian boarder town near Algeria called Tozeur.

As it turns out, that's just the beginning of Di Martino's discovery. The location was a Hollywood favorite – where "Raiders of the Lost Arc" (which Lucas wrote and produced) was shot as well as the Oscar winning 1996 war drama "The English Patient." Di Martino also found other "Star Wars" sets in the area.

Here are more of Di Martino's photos that show what's left of the "Star Wars" Tatooine set:

Tatooine in 'Star Wars'

Tatooine in 'Star Wars'

Tatooine film set today, 'Star Wars'

Tatooine from 'Star Wars'

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