Ratner Wrap! Don’t Worry, America, You’ll Never Have to Care About the Oscars Producer Ever Again

The Projector

Now that Brett Ratner, Oscar Producer is over and done with, the nation can return to not knowing the name of the person who produces the Oscars. (All told, the vast majority of Americans don't know the name of Brett Ratner, either.) Do you want to know why in the past almost no one outside the industry has known the name of the Oscar producer? This. This is why.

Anyway, while some wonder who will replace Ratner, others are wondering if Eddie Murphy is gonna stay on as well. In a not-really-all-that-enlightening-despite-the-headline "inside story" piece, Vulture says that if Murphy leaves, he better do it quick, before The Academy finds another producer, before they run out of time to find another host. We'd be pretty shocked if Murphy doesn't end up hosting the Oscars anyway. Again: Who cares who the Oscar producer is?

But The New York Times' David Carr points out how strange it is that the Oscars person banished for homophobia isn't Eddie Murphy. Have these people never seen "Delirious?"

Perhaps the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences thinks it has inoculated itself against exposure to homophobia, but we'd ask, have they forgotten "Delirious," Mr. Murphy's famously scabrous rant against all things gay? And no, we aren't posting a clip, thank you. Mr. Ratner, whose coarseness is legendary, seems positively refined by contrast.

Carr had no such problems posting the clip on Twitter, for what it's worth. Of course, "Delirious" was 25 years ago. It's worth noting that the Times wasn't always the greatest about gay issues 20-some-odd years ago, either.

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