Rachel McAdams Channels Inner Unicorn in Magical Getup

Lilian Min
Movie TalkAugust 9, 2013

Whoa, when did Lisa Frank get into high fashion? Rachel McAdams looks so shiny sparkly in this Roksanda Ilincic gown that we're getting serious flashbacks to those holographic sticker sheets of the '80s.

McAdams whipped out the head-turning futuristic fashion statement for the London premiere of her upcoming film "About Time," a sci-fi romance. As one of the romcom's reigning queens, it would've been easy for McAdams to phone in her red carpet look, but instead of going for generic-yet-perfectly-styled-starlet, she went straight for Unicorn Goddess, clearly tapping into such cinematic classics as "Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer" and "Legend."

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The only thing McAdams is missing is a horn. (Maybe she needs to talk to the guy who does hats for the Royal Family.) That and the ability to summon rainbows and sparkles.

We eagerly await other magical beasts she channels for her press tour. Maybe dragons for her next stop? (She could call up Emilia Clarke for tips.) Or maybe mermaids? Whatever the case, Rachel, keep rocking these fantasy frocks and your fantastic mane err, hair. Your co-stars may not appreciate your spotlight stealing look, but we certainly do.

Watch the theatrical trailer for 'About Time' here: