The Projector Officially Endorses The Detroit RoboCop Statue Plan

Will Leitch
Movie Talk

%photo13% It's generally positive to stay away from online campaigns because, in the best case scenario, your campaign wins, and the main thing you have to be proud about is that you are now the type of person who gets really excited about winning online campaigns. But we cannot resist RoboCop. Lord, who can?

As you probably know by now, Detroit mayor Dave Bing initially poo-poohed an ongoing Twitter joke campaign to erect a statue of RoboCop in his town but now he's coming around.  He's probably just pretending to play along with public sentiment and then waiting for this to go away, but the joy of an online campaign is that it never really goes away: It just hangs around to embarrass everybody later, probably when they're applying for a job.

Plus, a statue of RoboCop anywhere, but especially Detroit, would be fantastic.

If you fear the campaign will die down, know that Kickstarter, which helps public aid projects earn funding, has climbed on board as well with a site raising money to support the cause. For the second time this week, we're using this joke: We'd buy that for a dollar. The joke fits better this time.


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