‘Project Runway’ Meets ‘Pirate Fairy’: Christian Siriano Designs New Tinker Bell Movie Costumes

Kara Warner
Yahoo Movies
Disney's 'The Pirate Fairy,' Inset - Christian Siriano
Disney's 'The Pirate Fairy,' Inset - Christian Siriano

What do you get when you combine the glitz and glamor of high fashion with some high-seas swashbuckling? A fashion-forward ensemble for a spunky new animated fairy it turns out.

Disney revealed on Tuesday that filmmakers enlisted former "Project Runway" winner and respected designer Christian Siriano to create the perfect animated ensemble for the latest Tinker Bell-powered Disney Fairies installment, "The Pirate Fairy." Specifically, Siriano is behind the outfits sported by the franchise's newest addition, Zarina (voiced by "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks).

Siriano's own fashion star was born when he won season four of "Project Runway" in 2008, and he has since become a major player in the world of high fashion with his Christian Siriano label.

"I loved the challenge of this project," Siriano said in a statement. "I haven't designed for an animated character before, and I'm excited to take my skills into Zarina's world. She's a unique and new character and I wanted to help make her memorable and iconic. Disney characters are everlasting and I'm so happy as a young designer to help create a bit of Disney history."

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"The Pirate Fairy" is Disney's fifth Tink-centric movie and revolves around the band of fairy friends coming to the aid of rabble-rousing newbie Zarina. The feisty fairy falls in with a band of pirates, one of whom is the future Captain James Hook (voiced by "Thor" baddie Tom Hiddleston).

"She's a scrappy pirate, really fun," Hendricks told Yahoo Movies. "I've been able to get really physical and turn into this fantasy character, you really can do anything you want with it and learning to use your voice as a storyteller in a way with animation and how powerful that can be is really amazing."

"The Pirate Fairy" arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on April 1.